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Based on who you are...

Every business is unique. Many businesses don’t realize this, and that’s why they look so much like others. But just because you do the same thing doesn’t mean you have to say the same thing, behave the same way, or look the same. Distinction sells, and that’s also the case with online marketing strategies. If you’re always found in the same place as your competitor businesses, then you have to share the profits. The same goes for saying the same thing.

At Tridim, we work from the intrinsic values of the founder or according to the business ideals with which they started, and build our campaigns around them. We work based on who you are. This creates unique content and special messages that receivers are receptive to.

Because Tridim stays close to the authenticity of the company, we increase the return on investment based on who you already are, and that saves a lot of reinventing the wheel.


Launching a concept online requires a deep understanding of both digital possibilities and the ability to live in the personality of a brand.

We create the strategy, the trajectory, and the objectives.


To find online success, you need both technical knowledge to be able to play on the programming of platforms, as well as the creativity that gives content a personality.

We realize the content, implementation, and success.


Hitting the target directly rarely happens. Without a goal, you don’t even know if you’re hitting the bullseye or not. Everything online is measured. This way, all our actions are experimental and we scale up where success has been measured. Data is the driving force behind a successful online marketing concept.

We optimize to the best way to communicate.

The Tridim online marketing team sells distinction. And we're good at it!

Tridim has been online for more than 10 years, and as a result, we have broad market knowledge in both the social domain and generic online, from design to promotion. We are always up-to-date on the latest developments and tools. But perhaps even more importantly, we provide creative solutions and can offer complete concepts with all online media cross- and cross-links.

Online marketing: advertising and visibility

We know the digital world like the back of our hand — including all the shortcuts. We assist you in achieving your goals, and what’s even more special is that we do it together with you!

What are you looking for exactly? More loyalty, more engagement, the introduction of a new concept, more members, or would you like to increase online sales?

Everything is possible, but it also needs its own creative plan.

Reduce the gap between inspiration and purchase

We don’t need any magic for that!

The Tridim team is on a mission to reduce the gap between online inspiration and physical purchases. We do this through a variety of tactical concepts and techniques.

Within 10 years, there will be no distinction between online and offline communication. In fact, we think it will be different in 5 years.

Whoever starts investing now, will be ahead of the curve.

Creative and innovative endeavor

Tridim comes from the product design, illustration, and online (social) media angles, so design thinking is not foreign to us.

Creativity is our greatest asset. As mentioned, we do not sell generic presentations, but rather provide tailor-made solutions that fit a company or organization like a glove.

Both in marketing, content, and online presence.

Coffee? Yes please!

Meeting is the first step in any introduction. If you don’t like the posture, look, or energy of the people sitting across from you, then you won’t do business, right?

In addition, we love to talk about our profession, we are crazy about coffee, and we accept all cookies. 😉

Get in touch by mailing us info@tridim.nl

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